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"This is an album that emerged out of our shared experience during the pandemic where each track tells a unique story, weaving together elements of jazz, blues, global, americana & progressive rock with a contemporary vocabulary. Everything is thoughtfully executed to not only take the listener on a journey with each track, but to also fulfill the story-telling arc with all the tracks within the album. The album talks about life, resilience, and the human experience culminating in a peace through understanding. This album is a love song to each and every one of us because ultimately our journey in life is about how we forge our relationship with ourselves."

"...a simply titled five track set that offers one of the jazz world’s most compelling and emotionally impactful reflections on love and life during the pandemic era."
Jonathan Widran, JWVibe
"Noshir Mody’s latest album, A Love Song, is a delicate, deep exploration of the human experience, reflecting the unique blend of musical styles and influences that define his artistry..."
Greg Victor,
"A wide palate of colors"
George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly
"Noshir’s guitar work is both inventive and memorable… this is an album you’ll need in your library if you’re a jazz guitar aficionado..."
Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
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Noshir Mody's latest album, "A Love Song," is a captivating and introspective exploration of the human experience, reflecting the unique blend of musical styles and influences that have come to define his artistry. With his signature fusion of jazz, Indian classical music, and other genres, Mody once again creates a sonic landscape that is as engaging as it is evocative.

The album's inception can be traced back to a single guiding principle instilled in Mody by a mentor during his youth: "Melody is King!" This statement has shaped his approach to composition, resulting in a rich tapestry of melodies that transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries. These melodies, woven together through harmonies and rhythmic development, tell stories that are universally understood and deeply felt.

"A Love Song" emerges from the shared experience of the pandemic, with each track representing a distinct aspect of Mody's journey through this trying period. "What Tomorrow May Bring" captures Mody’s hopeful, upbeat mood despite returning to a desolate and unfamiliar Manhattan at the peak of Covid-19, while "The Yards" serves as a love letter to the Hudson Yards neighborhood, with its awe-inspiring skyscrapers standing sentinel over the city's west side.

The album's title track, "A Love Song," distills the essence of Mody's life and experiences into a powerful and moving ode. The ensemble's artful interpretation of the piece, built upon a simple harmonic structure that grows in complexity, elevates the listening experience through their collective magic.

As listeners journey through "A Love Song," they are also taken on a trip to the quaint town of Mystic, Connecticut, in the track "Mystic." Inspired by the town's serene beauty and rich history, Mody crafts a melody that embodies the spirit of its namesake, derived from the Pequot term "Missituk," which means "a large river whose waters are driven into waves by tides or wind."

The album also includes "In the Absence of Answers," a poignant reminder that, in a world consumed by the quest for knowledge and certainty, it is important to trust one's intuition and embrace the unknown. This track encourages listeners to stay open to life's opportunities and experience its fullness by moving forward without fear.

Noshir Mody's "A Love Song" is a testament to the power of music to unite people across cultures and beliefs, providing a glimpse into the artist's soul through the universal language of melody. With its introspective themes and intricate compositions, the album showcases Mody's exceptional musicianship and ability to craft a unique and identifiable sound. As you listen, you'll be drawn into a world of heartfelt storytelling, emotional resonance, and ensemble magic that will leave you both enriched and inspired.

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The album highlights Mody's extraordinary ensemble, featuring Benjamin Hankle on Flugelhorn, Campbell Charshee on Piano, Yuka Tadano on Double Bass, and Ronen Itzik on Drums. The title track is further enriched by the soulful, warm vocals of Kate Victor, adding a special touch to the already exquisite sound.
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The entire album was recorded in a single day at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY. The ensemble was joined by Simon Yu and his production group that came to the studio armed with a seven camera video team to capture the events in the studio as they occurred.