Noshir Mody, Charu Suri & Ronen Itzik combine forces to deliver an inspired and exquisite performance on Mody's original composition 'India'


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Photo Credit: Mike Mullan



Indian born composer and guitarist Noshir Mody came to the US at the age of twenty-two and has since dedicated himself to creative music featuring dynamic ensembles to showcase his inventive and picturesque originals. His composition ‘India’ was first recorded on his album ‘Stories from the Years of Living Passionately’ and Mody writes in the album’s liner notes about his inspiration being the extreme nostalgia that swept over him the day before he took his oath of naturalization to become a United States citizen.


Charu Suri, who also hails from India, received her training as a classical music piano prodigy and is known for her ability to fearlessly tread between genres which led to her ground-breaking albums ‘The Book of Ragas’ and its sequel ‘The Book of Ragas vol. 2’


Mody met Suri at a showcase for independent musicians in Rhode Island where each artist put on display their unique approaches for blending Eastern and Western musical influences. As the months followed and musical collaborations developed, revisiting the song ‘India’ with Suri on piano felt intuitive and natural to Mody.


Mody has been working with the prolific New York drummer of Israeli heritage, Ronen Itzik, to perform and record his soon to be released jazz album ‘A Love Song’. Itzik was brought into the fold to complete the trio and after a single rehearsal they headed into the studio to record ‘India’.


The trio recording 'India' at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn NY


The trio develops slowly and organically creating a mysterious mood where Mody utilizes the rarely heard Boss Slow Gear effect on his electric guitar to evoke a sense of lyrical longing. The melody unfurls gently with Itzik creating a groove that mimics the Indian tabla using his bare hands on the drum kit. Suri’s deft touch and harmonic sophistication on the piano sets the mood as the trio embarks on a musical journey that lifts and rises to a dizzying display of musicianship. The music aptly transports the listener through the ages expounding on the Indian philosophy of evolution through repeating cycles of creation, growth, and destruction.



The single’s artwork is a 5th century Ajanta cave painting depicting a scene from the Jatakas, stories about the past lives and rebirths of the Buddha.